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Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers Have Taken on a Life of Its Own Traditionally they stood together, solemn and sincere in the responsibility they shared; the bride and groom decorating the top level of the wedding cake. There was no humor, no variation and generally speaking only one ethnic race when first created. The bride wore white and the groom a black tuxedo. It was as if no one really intended for the bridal couple or the guests to think those little tiny wedding cake toppers actually represented every bride and groom. However, they were considered the only thing to be placed on the top of a wedding cake, like it or not.

The Modern Cake Toppers Have Definitely Broken the Historical Mold Today, there is little trouble finding exactly the perfect wedding cake topper for each bride and groom. There are specialty design stores that create diverse wedding cake toppers in an effort to please as many different individuals as possible. In a world that is filled with diversity, this is one place in the wedding industry that was slow to catch the wedding fever. Today, wedding cake toppers can be an elegant monogram in crystal, silver tone or etched clear acrylic.

These elegant and understated cake toppers are elegant without screaming for attention, the perfect compliment to any wedding cake, wedding ceremony and wedding photographs. The wedding cake toppers would be better suited to a formal wedding rather than an afternoon wedding in the park. However, do not despair; the wedding cake topper industry has created many lighthearted and fun examples for those that want to serve their wedding cake with a smile. If your bride has a good sense of humor, she may purchase a comical image of the bride dragging her groom to the alter by one foot or another with the groom trying to run away and the bride is dragging him back by the collar. Either of these provides a lighthearted look at the seriousness of marriage and makes for lighthearted conversations with the guests and family that attend the wedding. Should the bride to be, be marrying an avid fisherman or golfer, there are two examples of wedding cake toppers designed especially for these two grooms.

The fishing bride is holding a fishing pole and "reeling in the catch of her life" with her groom hooked onto the fishing hook. The golf pro might enjoy the image of his bride on the wedding cake topper waiting for him as he stands holding his golf bag on his shoulder and looking at his watch. These are just two of the many different athletics and hobbies that are now created on wedding cake toppers. The best change that has taken place in the wedding cake topper industry is the interchangeable characters that can be purchased and combined onto one set. This is wonderful for the interracial couple that wants to represent both members of the wedding party accurately with their wedding cake topper.

Charlie Reese has in depth knowledge concerning wedding cake preparation and he likes talking to people about wedding cakes. He also likes getting a psychic reading and checking his monthly horoscopes.

Wedding Cake Toppers

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