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Use This Technique to Build Attraction within Five Minutes of Meeting a Woman

Would you consider yourself a nice guy or a 'bad boy'? Well the answer to this question can mean all the difference when trying to attract a woman! What separates the two is their outlook on life and how to treat women. Because of this difference, the bad boy is the one who always seems to attract women and goes home with them. So what does the 'bad boy' do to attract a lot more woman? Well first off these guys have cultivated what is known as an 'Alpha Male' personality. When a guy has this type of attitude, he demonstrates a strong personality while giving off the appearance of not caring about succeeding with women. In short, they have a 'take it or leave it' type attitude! Before I talked about the major difference between the nice guy and bad boy.

Whereas the bad boy has a strong personality, the nice guy is agreeable to everything a woman says. In essence the nice guy acts too boring and predictable. Now if you want to learn how to attract women from the moment you meet them, you have to learn how to cultivate the bad boy personality. But what if you're a nice guy at heart and don't know how to act this way? Well there is one technique you can use which doesn't require you to act like too much of a jerk. All you have do is use the disconnector technique. A disconnector is a statement which purposely disagrees with a woman during a conversation.

So why does it work? Well basically when you use a disconnector, you're establishing yourself as an alpha male who isn't afraid to go against what a woman is saying. Even if your statements create a bit of dissonance, you'll create a bit of positive tension when you use a disconnector. Think of it this way- when you disagree with a woman, you're demonstrating a strong and confident personality.

She'll be attracted to you because she's probably used to nice guys who roll over and agree with everything she says. By using a disconnector you're showing you know when to disagree and stand up for yourself. Now the important thing to remember is not be purposefully argumentative with a woman. In other words, don't verbally attack a woman every time she opens her mouth. Instead look for topics where you have a strong opinion.

Then voice your opinion. If you can use a disconnector in a cocky/funny, interesting and playful manner then you'll show that you have a strong personality. When you manage to perfect this technique, you'll become a guy who can attract a woman within the first five minutes of meeting her. So the next time you're in a conversation, don't be afraid to voice your opinion.

Instead use a disconnector and create some friendly tension.

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Use This Technique to Build Attraction within Five Minutes of Meeting a Woman

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