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reasons for which diamonds are always the best friend of a girl

Diamonds of the reason #1 are a better friend of girls because they are so beautiful. Burning and romantic diamonds light its finger. White diamonds seem beautiful with equipment in each color. Diamonds of the reason #2 are forever. There is a good number of beautiful things around.

Why diamonds? The pinks are beautiful, but they fade. The dresses are splendid, but after the childbirth, or as it ages, which it beautiful dress would not look any more like beautiful on it. Diamonds of the reason #3 are invaluable. Sour, the moissanite can be which girl could buy for itself, because of its low price, but moissanite is made man. Diamonds are the rare and normal stones. Diamonds which the girls like are more high-quality.

Diamonds of lower quality can be employed in tools, but the women look at the quality of diamond. Large, diamond of quality would certainly impress. Diamonds of the reason #4 are romantic.

Particularly when he proposes with her with a diamond in value two months of his wages. He means the sacrifice for the love on his partition. The fact that he likes its enough except that the sum to buy this diamond for it is a very romantic gesture which it will recall during years to come, each time it sees this diamond on its finger. Diamonds of the reason #5 indicate that its man can envisage it very well.

Days when the men would leave and drive out so that the animals feed the family, with today, when the majority of the men leave there to bring the money to support the family, love of women being worried of. Being provided for. In much of cultures, the women look to marry a rich man.

A man who can envisage they. If a type can be allowed to give him diamonds, it can easily provide for it the needs for newspaper and that for his children. Diamonds of the reason #6 are practical. Like the song, diamond are the best friend of a girl. A kiss will not pay the invoices.

A pink will not pay its hiring. A diamond, on the one hand, with the emergency case, can be a saver of life. A simple diamond can be sold so that enough money pays the invoices of a woman when times become hard.

Diamonds of the reason #7 are the insurance of a girl. The ok, so much now, there are paper insurance policies, that the promise to pay its medical invoices etc of old age, but diamonds are much more beautiful. She holds them and sees. She carries them. Each one admires them.

They ensure it that even when it ages, when it loses it glances, even if its type leaves it for more young woman, diamonds would be always with it. A collection of diamond jewels ensures it that in its old age, or it is in the extreme needs for the money cash, a piece of diamond jewels could be sold, or pawned for the money if necessary cash. Diamonds are the insurance of a girl.


7 reasons for which diamonds are always the best friend of a girl

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