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Free Teen Chat Dating can be fun if you are aware of its pros and cons and are also aware of the ways to prevent that. There are couple of suggestions you would like to know before you out for dating.

Do not go out for free teen chat dating with somebody whom you have seen only a few times and does not know much about him/her.

Before leaving on a date, know the exact plans for the evening and make sure a parent or friend knows these plans and what time to expect you home. Let your free teen chat date know that you are expected to call or tell that person when you get in.

Similarly, if you leave a party with someone you do not know well, make sure you tell another person you are leaving and with whom. Ask a friend to call and make sure you arrived home safely.

No matter how good the person appears to you, trust your inner instincts. If a situation makes you uncomfortable, try to stay calm and think of a way to remove yourself from the situation without letting your date realize what is going on in your mind.

Be aware of your decreased ability to react under the influence of alcohol or drugs and keep yourself in control when out for a date.

Always stay firm, straightforward and clear in your relationships, thoughts, decisions and judgments. Never let a doubt come to your mind or face when out for dating. If you are firm & clear in your communication, your date will always be careful in dealing with you.

You should think ahead about ways to be safe if you are in a dangerous or potentially dangerous relationship. Adults, like parents, teachers, counselors, can be trusted in such cases.


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